Discover How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You

Discover How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You

Practice Areas

  • Simple and complex divorces involving business valuations, division of real estate holdings, division of stock portfolios, including stock options and stock grants, property and asset division, separation of retirement accounts
  • Orders for Grandparents rights, including getting orders for visitation when one parent prevents contact
  • A variety of child custody disputes including those related to move-aways, domestic violence or high-conflict circumstances
  • Child support amount calculations, determination of past due child support arrears, and modifications of child support
  • Spousal support calculations, determination of past due spousal support arrears and modifications of spousal support
  • Domestic partner dissolution's involving disputes about custody and financial matters
  • Breach of fiduciary duty actions and cases involving misuse and misappropriation of funds, gambling debts, failed investments, hidden bank accounts, and secret credit card debt

Mediating and drafting prenuptial agreements and post-marital agreements

My family law firm with comprehensive experience and extensive resources for family law issues of all kinds. Our entire support staff offer a personal approach to family law regardless of how difficult or complex the situation or the family dynamic. We take the time to understand your circumstances and the details of your case so you can be sure we are representing your best interests.

Our experience has taught us how to streamline the family law process. This includes knowing strategies for keeping custody and property negotiations from spiraling into emotionally charged arguments. These types of arguments do little to help clients reach a settlement and may simply add to the legal and emotional cost of a divorce. We provide the client with large law firm experience in a boutique firm cost-conscious environment. This allows our attorneys to provide individually tailored and cost-effective representation:

  • We always put the clients and their children's best interests first
  • We are cost conscious and will pursue the path that best fits your circumstances
  • We explain the law clearly so you can understand the legal options you have